The Order of Saint Isidore of Seville

Officers of the Order

Grand Magistery


Governor-General Rev. Joshua Copeland, KCCStI   Click to email
Chancellor (Interim) Chev. Richard Talbot-Jones, KCCStI, OMStI Click to email
Chaplain-General Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield, ChCCStI, OMStI Click to email
Vice Chaplain-General Most Rev. Andrew McMenamin, ChCCStI   Click to email
Ex-Officio Advisory Member Rt. Rev. Kyrill Esposito, KCCStI
Ex-Officio Advisory Member Rev. Susan Phillips, DCCStI, OMStI Click to email

Priory Leaders  >>  (USA - see map for priory)    
At-Large Chev. Don Plefka, KGOStI, OMStI Click to email
USA West Rev. Patrick Lesiecki, ChGOStI Click to email

Commandery Leaders


Ireland Commandery Chev. Eoghan Brophy, KCStI Click to email
Sweden Commandery Rev. Stefan Pieksma, ChGCStI Click to email

USA Central  
Texas Commandery Chaplain Daniel Ferguson, KCStI Click to email

USA Northeast    
New Jersey Commandery Rev. Alan S. Panek, ChCStI Click to email

United Kingdom & Australia    
Australia Commandery Chev. Jeremy Fraser, KCStI Click to email
UK Commandery Chev. Alasdair Gordon, KCStI Click to email

Alberta Commandery Rev. Juergen W. Knauert, ChCStI Click to email


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