All members are expected to be active in and on behalf of the Order. Full membership to the Order is open to all men and women: over the age of 20** of good character who will follow the rules of chivalry who accept and acknowledge the Christian beliefs as contained in the Nicene Creed who accept the 27 books of the New Testament who respect the right of other Christian Churches to worship according to their own doctrines. **Applicants 18 through 20 years of age may apply to be Squires or Ladies-in-Waiting. On their 21st birthday, these members would become full members of the order, with the rank of Knight or Dame. Members of the Order are divided into Lay and Ecclesiastical members.  Any Lay member who subsequently becomes ordained will then become an Ecclesiastical member.  Applicants for Ecclesiastical membership must provide details of their ordination. New members, and those obtaining new rank and/or office, receive a personalized, full-color membership certificate (PDF file) suitable for printing via email. All OStI members are expected to join and participate at the forum, which is our official place of business.  Your input is welcomed and needed!  Membership at the forum will be reviewed periodically and profiles seen to be inactive will be deleted.  This does not mean members are removed from the Order.  It is important that members keep their contact information updated. Privacy Policy regarding information provided by applicants and members. Apply for Membership in The Order of St. Isidore of Seville If have a problem with the online form, contact admissions. Click graphic to apply The Order receives all applications in good faith. Cave, Deus Videt = Beware, God Sees