Order of Saint Isidore of Seville College of Arms

The Order has established its own internal College of Arms.

The Officers of the College are:

The Herald Extraordinary:  Chev. Chas Charles-Dunne, KCStI

The Seville Pursuivant:  Chev. Steven Harris, KStI

The Jerusalem Pursuivant:  Chev. Brett Merlina, KStI



The duties of the College include:

  • The devising of Coats of Arms for the Order's offices, provinces, knights and dames upon the Marshall's issuance of an internal letters patent
    permitting the devisal of armorial ensigns to such individuals.

  • To issue certificates of knighthoods, promotions via e-mail to those appointed by the Grand Magistery.

  • To print hard copies of the above upon the request of the individual and upon proper payment of the fee that will be determined by the Grand Magistery from time to time.

  • To encourage members of the Order that have arms devised for them to be registered by an heraldic body such as the such as the Court of Lord Lyon, The Cronista Rey de Armas of the Kingdom of Spain, and the Collegium Heraldicum Russiae.

  • Maintain the Order's Roll of Arms.

  • The education of members of the Order with regard to the science and art of heraldry, and the proper use of the Order's insignia and their devised arms.

    Armorial of the Order of St. Isidore of Seville

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